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Some Must-Know Konkani Phrases in Goa: Today, I have gathered some very important words for discussion, organized according to various situations. By learning these words, travelers will significantly benefit when communicating with Konkani-speaking individuals from Goa. These words will prove invaluable in everyday interactions, whether you’re seeking directions, ordering food, or engaging in friendly conversations.


Visiting a Goan Household: Common Phrases for Interaction


Situation 1: Let’s say you are visiting somebody’s home in Goa.

In this case, you can use below words to discuss: Remember, we are using the plural sentences or words.


1Tumi koxi assat?(Meaning “How are you all”)
2Ami borim assat(Meaning “We are fine”)
3Ye-eiat bitor(Meaning “Come inside)
4Ye-eiat, bosat(Meaning “Come sit”)
5Burguim koxim assat?(Meaning “How are the children”)
6Burguim assat borim(Meaning “The children are fine)
7Tujim burguim koxim assat?(Meaning “How are your children”)
8Mujim burguim assat borim(Meaning “My children are fine”)
9Il-lichi chau korun adtam tumkam(Meaning “I will bring little tea for you’ll”)
10Nam, nam ami atanch chau pion ailiant(Meaning “No, no we just had tea and came”)
11Borem tor anic kitem khobor?(Meaning “Ok then what other news”)
12Borem dislem tumi amguer ailim munnonMeaning “Felt nice because you’ll came to our place”)
13Borem tor ami vetat atam(Meaning “Ok then we are going now”)
14Dev bore korum tumkam(Meaning “Thank you, you’ll)


Situation 2: Let’s say you are walking on the streets and want to strike a conversation with someone or you need help.

This is very useful for travelers as it can sometimes be life-saving.


1Hello, koso assa?(Meaning “How are you”)
2Au boro assa(Meaning “I am fine”)
3Inga san Modgovam kitlem pois astolem?(Meaning “From here how far is Madgao”)
4Bus stand assa inga?(Meaning “Is there a bustand”)
5Oi, matcho fuddem voss mukhar bus stand distolem(Meaning “Yes little in the front as you go you will see a bustand”)
6Borem, Dev borem korum tuka(Okay, Thank you)


Situation 3: Referring to everyday items found in Konkani households.

Objects referred to in Konkani:

Mez – Table

Koddel – Chair

Kop – Cup

Bhoxi – Plate

Khuler – Spoon

Suri – Knife

Andhi – Vessel

Udhok – Water

Chau – Tea

Dhoodh – Milk

Maas – Meat

Nustem – Fish



Some Must-Know Konkani Phrases in Goa – Conclusion:


In conclusion, Konkani is a beautiful language that holds immense value for anyone visiting or residing in Goa. Learning Konkani not only enriches cultural experiences but also facilitates meaningful interactions with locals. Whether seeking assistance, ordering food, or simply engaging in friendly banter, mastering Konkani opens doors to deeper connections and a richer understanding of Goan culture.


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