Learn Goan Konkani Unheard Ways – Lesson No. 11 – Alphabet ‘K’

Ridiculously Easy Methods – Learn Goan Konkani Unheard Ways


Learn Goan Konkani, learn Konkani words alphabetically amazingly in an easy method. Master the art of Goan Konkani.

The people of Goa are blended with Portuguese and Indian cultures. Around two-thirds of Goan people speak Konkani as their first language followed by English, Hindi & Marathi.

Ancient Goa was a Hindu region, which after the arrival of the Portuguese Christianity was imposed. Goa is a land of paradise land to explore numerous architectural churches, temples, and Mosques.


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Kadd —– To remove

Kadlem —– Removed

Kaliz —– Heart

Kann —– Ear

Kapoos —– Cotton

Kapsachem —– Of cotton

Kanvlo —– Crow

Kathor —– Scissor

Kazar —– Marriage

Kazari —– Married person


Get Better By Following And Learning Konkani Smartly


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Kedhi —– Length/how much

Kedhem —– How much

Kednam —– When

Kednaie —– Sometimes

Kellam —– Did

Kellonam —– Did not do

Kestavam —– Fights

Kestau —– Fight

Kens —– Hair

Kerrek —– Crazy

Kirriad —– Servant

Kitlo —– How much?

Kitiak —– Why

Kolle —– Foxes


One Sentence With The Alphabet ‘K’

Khall Amchea Ghavant Kolle Rodtale – Yesterday In Our Village Foxes Were Crying


Kolso —– Earthen pot

Kollso —– Coal

Konnacher —– On whom

Kor —– Do

Kornam —– Not doing

Korezm —– Lent

Korezmant —– In the lent

Kopel —– Forehead

Kombo —– Cock, rooster

Komblo —– Cock, rooster

Kondho —– Bamboo

Korachim —– Of what color

Koslo —– What kind

Koslem —– What kind

Kulli —– Crab (Singular)

Kullio —– Crabs (Plural)

Kuniad —– Brother in law

Kupam —– Clouds

Kuppanim —– Into the clouds

Kuttumb —– Family

Kuzner —– Cook

Khadhi —– Match-stick

Khailem —– Ate

One Sentence With The Alphabet ‘K’

Kann Muzo Chodd Dukhta – My Ear Is Paining


Khankonam —– Bangles

Khandh —– Shoulder

Khandhar —– On the shoulder

Khappod —– Cotton sari

Khattir —– For self

Khell —– Play

Khobor —– News

Khobro —– Gossips

Khobrem —– Coconut oil

Khonn —– Who

Khonndhar —– On the tomb

Khor —– Do

Khorrem —– Real

Khoxi —– Wish

Khuris —– Cross

Khuxeal —– Happy

Khuxealkaiecho —– Happiness



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