Konkani Learn | Top Konkani Words With English Translations

Top Konkani Words With English Translations


Konkani learn – The easy way. The most commonly and regularly used Konkani words which are spoken in the Southside of Goa (Salcete side) are mentioned here in this blog.

Keep learning ‘Amchi Mai Bhas Konkani’ and keep promoting this lovely, beautiful language around the globe.

Words in Konkani

Raag —– Anger

Rajnamo —– Resignation

Ranvoti —– One who leaves in the jungle

Rath —– Night

Raxtria —– Nation/Country

Rathichem —– Night time

Rakhno —– Animals caretaker

Rakhondar —– Caretaker

Rau —– Wait/Stop

Raunaka —– Don’t wait/Don’t stop

Randh —– Cook

Sentence with the word ‘Randh’ (Cook)


Tum aiz amkam todem jevon randh num?

You cook little food for us no?

Randhinaka —– Don’t cook

Randhtolom —– Will cook

Rautam —– Waiting

Ranponn —– To Fish

Recad —– Regards

Resped —– Respect

Resper —– Nuptials

Rendher —– Toddy tapper

Rin —– Debt/Loan\Credi

Rinkar —– Debtor/Loanee

Rodta —– Crying/Weeping/Wailing

Rod —– Cry/Weep

Rodonaka —– Don’t cry

Roggod —– Massage

Roggodnaka —– Don’t massage

Rogoth —– Blood

Rokdho —– Quick

Rokdhoch —– Quickly

Rong —– Color

Rompi —– Plant saplings

Rop —– Clothes/Clothing

Rosto —– Road

Rozar —– Prayer

Rogdo —– Grinding Stone (Muller)

Rugar —– Place/Area

Rukh —– Tree

Rukhacher —– On the tree

Rund —– Broad/Wide

Rupnnem —– Appearance/Beauty/Grace

Rup —–Appearance/Beauty/Grace

Ruch —– Taste/Savoury

Ruchichem —– Tasty/Delicious


Sentence with the word ‘Ruchichem’ (Tasty)


Aiz jevon ekdom borem aslem ruchichem.

Today the food was very good, tasty.

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