Popular Konkani Words – For Everyday – Lesson No. 6 Alphabet ‘F’

Popular Konkani Words – For Everyday – Lesson No. 6 Alphabet ‘F’


This is another lesson of popular Konkani words with the alphabet ‘F’. These words are most commonly used during everyday conversation.

For general information, the first known Konkani language dates way back to 1187.


Where Konkani Language Is Spoken? 


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Konkani is mainly spoken in Goa and all along the Malabar and Konkan coasts. You can also find Konkani speakers in some percent in Karnataka and Kerala and in Mumbai too.

Mainly goans settled in Mumbai speak in Konkani. 

Konkani has a lot of similarities with Marathi and hence Konkani can be easily understood by the Maharashtrians.

And that is because their ancestors had moved to neighboring Maharasthra during the Portuguese occupation.


Popular Konkani words with the alphabet ‘F


Faido —– Benefit, valuable
Famel —– Family
Farik —– Pay, give something
Farikponn —– Repay-back some misdeeds, wrongdoings
Fator —– Stone (Singular)
Fathor —– Stones (Plural)
Fatt —– Back of the body (Posterior or dorsal)
Fatticher —– Back of the body (Posterior or dorsal)
Faliam —– Tomorrow
Fata-fat —– Quickly, rapidly
Far —– Shot, bullet, firing
Favonnam —– Should not be
Feryad —– Holiday
Fer —– Iron, press
Fest —– Feast
Festak —– For a feast
Feliz —– Prosper
Figdh —– Liver
Fond —– Big or deep hole
Fokan —– Joke
Fokannam —– Jokes


Let’s make one sentence with fokannam 


Mojim fokananam korinaka’ – Don’t make fun of me


Fott —– Lie, lies, untruth
Fotting —– Lier
Fottkiro —– Lier (Male)
Fottkirem —– Lier (Female)
Fonn —– Seasoning
Force —– Force, strength
Forsan —– Forcefully, by force
Fogettio —– Crackers
Foggotio —– Crackers
Foggotkar —– Cracker-seller
Foll —– Kind of small fruit (Singular)
Follam —– Kind of small fruit (Plural)
Fons —– Drainage, sewage
Fosk —– Match Box
Foskachi – Khadi —– Match Stick
Fostolo —– Will get cheated
Fosnaka —– Don’t get cheated
Fraak —– Crazy
Frakest —– Crazy fellow


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Fudar —– Future, ahead
Fudari —– Future, ahead
Fugar —– Suffocate
Ful —– Flower
Fullam —– Flowers
Fulkarn —– Flower-sellers
Fullamcher —– On the flowers
Fur —– Puncture
Fungsav —– Celebration




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