Flowers Found in Goa | Flowers Names English to Konkani

Flowers Found in Goa | Flowers Names English to Konkani

Flower in Konkani means ‘ful’ and flowers are an integral part of Goan culture. The most common flowers found in Goa are the Gulabs, Mogras, Doshni Ful, Abolim, Zayio, Dhallo etc.

The Rose flower is called ‘Gulab’ and the Sunflower is called the ‘ Surya ful’

Read the below translation of flowers from English to Konkani. It will be handy for most Konkani-speaking people to be aware of these flower names. And also, if anyone can help me to add some more it will be a great help and motivation.

Women of all ages in Goa adorn themselves with a lot of flowers, especially during every festival.

These flowers have a special place in people’s hearts as a lot of devotees place them in churches, temples and in houses as well, including at social gatherings.

One can find a variety of flowers in different places in Goa from season to season. Flowers are also used in many different types of medicines.

Name any six types of flowers found only in Goa.

The most common flowers found in Goa are the Gulabs, Mogras, Doshni Ful, Abolim, Zayio, Dhalli.

Flowers Found in Goa

Arabian Jasmine  – Mogram

Flowers Found in Goa

Ashoka flower – Pitkulli

Flowers Found in Goa

Bauhinia Racemosa – Aapto

Flowers Found in Goa

Beehive Ginger – Alyanchim Fullam

Flowers Found in Goa

Blue Water Lily – Neelkamal

Flowers Found in Goa

Buttercups – Cupam Full

Flowers Found in Goa

Betel nut flowers – Bingar

Flowers Found in Goa

Bluebell Barleria – Gorati/Ghotlam


Flowers Found in Goa

Bombax Ceiba – Savnrichim Fullam

Flowers Found in Goa

Bougainvillea – Petrollam

Canna – Devkhelmo


Champa – Chafo


Chinese Mogra – Shetmogra/Ranmogra

Chinese Ixora – Pittkuli


Clerodendrum Paniculatum  – Rogta full

Cutleaf Coneflowers – Hornna

Chrysanthemums – Shivtim

Crossandra Flowers – Aabolim

Crown Flowers – Ruyechim Fullam

Cypress Vine – Kamalata

Daffodils – Meetai

Dahlia – Daal/Dhalo


Daisy- Champagne

Damask Rose – Gulab


Datura – Dootro

Flowers Found in Goa | Flowers Names English to Konkani

Euphorbia Pulcherrima – Raktpurn

Flowering Jasmine – Mogram


Four O’clock – Aakashbumri

Globe Amaranth – Button Flowers


Gloriosa Lilly – Vagache Bachke

Golden Champa – Pudchampo


Hibiscus /Shoeflower – Drishni Full/Doshni Full

Impatiens Balsamina – Chiddo


Jasminum Grandiflorum – Zayio

Lemon Basil – Pat


Lotus – Kamal

Madagascar Periwinkle – Sadafulli

Marigolds – Rozam


Maulsari – Ovlam

Mimosa Pudica Flowers – Lojechim Fullam

Mimusops Elengi – Aoulam

Mirabilis Jalapa – Shabduli

Flowers Found in Goa

Moon Flower – Ghutro


Flowers Found in Goa

Night Flowering Jasmine – Rat-ranni/Parjatam

Flowers Found in Goa

Oleander – Kanher

Passion flower – Krishkamal


Flowers Found in Goa

Pachystachys Coccinea – Ran Aabolim

Peacock Flowers – Shankaranchim Fullam

Flowers Found in Goa

Periwinkle – Perpetin


Pinwheel Flower – Anant

Porcupine Flower – Khoranti

Rangoon Creeper – Kholvontam


Flowers Found in Goa

Rose – Gulab

Red Hot Cat’s Tail – Mazrachio Shemptio

Star Glory – Chitrangi/Chitrapat

Flowers Found in Goa

Sun Rose – Ramulo

Sunflower – Suryakanti/Suryamukhi/Surya full


Flowers Found in Goa

Spider Lily – Fudchafo – Lily


Flowers Found in Goa

Water Lilies – Salkam

White Champa – Dhovo Chafo

White Ginger Lily – Sugandhi


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