English to Konkani Translation | Everyday Conversation

English to Konkani Translation | Everyday Conversation


I understand you’d like English to Konkani translations for common phrases, along with the Konkani translation back into English for clarity. Unfortunately, I need the actual phrases to be able to translate them. Please provide the specific words and questions you want translated, and I’ll do my best to help!

Additionally, while Konkani may share similarities with Marathi, it’s important to remember they are distinct languages with their own unique grammar and vocabulary. So, while familiarity with Marathi can be helpful, it’s not a guarantee for effortless Konkani fluency. Learning Konkani through dedicated resources and practice is still crucial.


English to Konkani Translation


English KonkaniReply/KonkaniEnglish/Translation
How are you?Kosso assai?Au assa boroI am fine
How is your family?Tujim ghorchim koxim assai?Soglim assat bori?All are fine
Where you stay?Tum kuin rauta?Au Goent rautamI stay in Goa
How many children do you have?Tuka kitlim burguim assat?Maka tin burguim assatI have three children
What does your wife do?Tuji ghorkarn kitem korta?Moji ghorkarn kamak vetaShe goes to work
What does your children do?Tujim burguim kitem kortat?Mojim burguim xinktatMy children are studying
What do you do?Tum kitem korta?Au kam kortamI am working
How old are you?Tuka kitlim vorsam?Maka chalis vorsamI am forty years old
How much is your salary?Tujem pagar kitlem?Mojem pagar ponnas hozarMy salary is fifty thousand
What job you do?Tum koslem kam kortai?Au offisant kam kortamI work in the office
Do you go to church?Tum missak voitai?Oi, au aitaracho missak voitamYes, I go to church on Sunday
Don’t you go to church everyday?Tum sodanch missak vossonam?Au sodanch missak vosnamI don’t go to church everyday
What you like the most?Tuka soglea vorn kitem borem lagta?Maka kantaram munnpak borem lagtaI like to sing songs
Who is your favourite singer?Tuzo avodhicho kantorist konn?Mozo avodhicho kantorist Alfred RoseMy favourite singer is Alfred Rose
Do you like English songs?Tuka English kantaram borim lagtat?Voi, maka English kantaram bori lagtatYes, I like English Songs
Where is Colva beach?Colva beach kuin assa?Colva beach Colva podtaColva beach is in Colva
How much is the distance from Margao to Colva Beach?Kitlem pois assa Colva beach sann Modgovam?Modgovam sann Colva sumar 7 KM assaFrom Margao to Colva is approximately 7KM
Which is the best beach in South Goa?Chodd bori beach kuinchi assa Salcetant?Chodd bori beach Colva beach dista makaI think the best beach is the Colva beach
What is the state bird of Goa?Kuinchem goenchem state sukhnnem zaun assa?Goenchem state Sukhnnem zaun assa “Bulbul”The state bird of Goa is “Bulbul”
What is the state animal of Goa?Kuinchem goenchem state zounvar zaun assa?Goenchem state animal zaun assa Gaur (Bison)The state animal of Goa is Gaur (Bison)
What is the distance from Margao to Panaji?Margao sann Ponje kitlem pois assa?Margao sann Ponje sumar 30 Km. assaThe distance from Margao to Panaji is 30 Km.
Where is the Casino in Goa?Casino goent kuin assa?Casino goent Ponje assaCasino in Goa is at Panaji
Where is your wife?Tuji bail kuin assa?Moji bail ghara assaMy wife is at home
Where is your son?Tuzo cheddo kuin assa?Mozo cheddo scholak guelaMy son is gone to school
Where is your daughter?Tujem cheddu kuin assa?Mojem cheddu collegic guelamMy daughter is gone to college


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