Body Parts in Konkani | Different Body Parts in Konkani

Body Parts in Konkani | Different Body Parts in Konkani

Body Parts in Konkani – The meanings of these body parts are translated from Konkani to English to make anyone understand and learn.

Learn parts of internal organs and external. Here is a lesson about Konkani names of body parts.

If any parts are not covered please do leave your comments below – Viva Konkani


Tond   Face
Ghaal   Cheeks
Tallo   Throat
Jeeb   Tongue
Ont   Lips
Daanth   Teeth
Haath   Hand/Hands
Paayem   Legs
Bot vo Bottam   Finger/Fingers
Naakut vo Naakutam   Nail/Nails
Pot   Stomach
Dimbee   Knee
Zaangod vo Zangdaam   Thigh/Thighs
Gollo   Neck
Buuz vo Buuzaam   Shoulder/Shoulders
Naak   Nose
Vorddem   Chest
Komppor   Elbow
Komor   Waist
Faat vo Faatir   Back/Backside
Haath   Arms
Khankem   Armpits
Kaan   Ears/Ears
Bhave   Eyebrows
Kanantlim vo Kannachim   Earring/Earrings
Dollo vo Dolle   Eye/Eyes
Kens   Hair
Toklo vo Tokli   Head
Kath vo Kathi   Skin
Bomboli   Navel
Ghand   Buttocks
Bonk   Ass
Poppot vo Aand   Penis
Foddo vo Fuud   Vagina
Haad   Beard
Aadham    Bones
Mishio   Moustache
Kaliz   Heart
Mendho vo Mendoo   Brain
Khadki   Chin
Khopiz   Liver
Pulma   Lungs
Khopel   Forehead
Khot   Heel
Moddem Bott   Middle finger
Dhadi   Mollars
Nakkachi Pudd   Nostrils
Tallot    Palm
Ang   Body
Khoddo   Skull
Akondo   Thumb
Adavanchem Foll   Adams Apple
Mutrapind   Kidney
Doleanchi Papni   Eyelid
Hoddo   Bald
Rogtanchi Xir   Blood vessels or veins
Sansnoli   Windpipe


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