Spoken Konkani A-Z Spoken Konkani Words Alphabetically – Lesson No. 12 – Alphabet ‘L’

Improve Konkani – Common Spoken Words Alphabetically


Ever wondered why Goan people are called Goans? Well, it is just a demonym used to describe the people of Goa.  Goan’s are also commonly known as the ‘Paowallas’ as Goans prefer to eat bread.

Goan’s follow a mix culture of Indians and Portuguese. Goan’s are fun loving and enjoy parties. Every festival is celebrated with great pomp.

Goa was ruled by the Portuguese for than 50 years.


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Here below are some most used Spoken Konkani words for learning – 


Laglem —– Started (Female)

Laglo —– Started (Male)

Lag —– Fuss

Lagonnim —– Fussy

Lagmari —– Fusspot

Laguim —– With

Lamb —– Tall

Lambollo —– Tall (Male)

Lambollem —– Tall (Female)

Lie —– Apply

Lainaka —– Don’t apply

Laitolom —– Will apply

Lailiar —– If applied

Lailo —– Apllied

Laitolom —– Will put

Lailam —– Applied

Lainastonam —– Without applying


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Let’s Learn One Sentence With The Alphabet ‘L’

Laram Mojea Angar Podtalim – Waves Were Splashing On Me


Laram —– Waves

Laslem —– Burnt

Lastalem —– Was burning

Lastolem —– Will burn

Latt —– Roll it

Lattoitaum —– Rolling it

Lekna —– Not interested, not liking

Lektolom —– Will like (Male)

Lektolem —– Will like (Female)

Lekliar —– If like

Lembdho —– Greedy fellow

Lembdhem —– Greedy girl

Leun —– Lick

Leunta —– Licking

Leuntanam —– Whilst licking

Leunaka —– Don’t lick

Leitao —– Piglet

Lhan —– Small

Lhanso —– Smaller

Limbo —– Lime (Singular)

Limbe —– Lime (Plural)

Lipoi —– Hide

Lipoinaka —– Don’t Hide


Another Sentence In Konkani – 

Lipoinaka Avem Soglem Polelam – Don’t Hide I Have Seen Everything


Lipoita —– Hiding

Lipoiliar —– If hidden

Lok —– People

Lokhotta —– Shaking

Lokh —– Shake

Lokhtanam —– Whilst shaking

Lokhnaka —– Don’t shake

Lovu-lovu —– Slowly-slowly

Loz —– Small room

Lozant —– In the small room

Loz —– Shame

Lojean —– With shame

Lojeta —– Feeling shy

Loznaka —– Don’t be shy

Loutalo —– Rolling

Loutanam —– Whilst rolling

Lukson —– Loss

Luksanant —– In the loss

Lutt —– Crowd

Luttint —– In the crowd


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