Picture Perfect – Learn Konkani With Pictures The Easy Way – Phrases Related To Mango


Picture Perfect – Learn Konkani With Phrases The Easy Method 



Do you have an impeccable photographic memory and the ability to remember things easily with pictures then, here is a better way to learn Konkani with pictures

Picture perfect, even though your learning style isn’t visual, learning is always good to exercise your brain with pictures.


Mangoes In A Plate – Picture Perfect

Ambe boxent assat
Mangoes are in the plate

Sou mango boxent assat
Six mangoes are on the plate

Picture perfect - mangoes

Ambe sarke tambde assat
Mangoes are so red

Ho ambo koslo, Alphonso?
This mango is what, Alphonso?

Hea ambianchem nau kitem?
What is the name of these mangoes?

Khaupak maka dista te ekdom bore astole munn

To eat I feel these mangoes will be very good

Ambiancho ross khadun piuhea ami
Mangoes juice we will remove and drink


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A Mango In The Hand – Ravishing Picture


Hem tor mojea hatant assa
This raw mango is in my hand

Picture Perfect - Mangoes
Hem tor mojea hatant ubem assa
This raw mango is standing in my hand

Ho mozo hat anic hem ek tornem tor
This is my hand and this is one raw mango

Hem ekuch tor mojea hatant assa
This is one raw mango on my hand






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Mangoes Taste The Best When Plucked Directly From Tree – Gorgeous Picture


Avois kitlim toram, maka zai

Gosh how many raw mangoes, I want


Picture Perfect - Mangoes

Ek dorzon toram kitle rupia

One dozen raw mangoes how much money


Him toram zomnir kitiak dovorliant

Why these raw mangoes are kept on the ground


Toddim toram pikliant distat

Some raw mangoes have become ripe I think


Atanch kadliant distat him toram maka zadavoilim

Just now these raw mangoes are removed from the tree I think


Mangoes – The Healthiest Fruit Of All – Nutritious


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Polle toram kitlim sobit distat tim

Look raw mangoes how beautiful they look


Picture Perfect - mangoes

Him dogain kitem kortat

This two what are they doing


Tim dogaim toram meztat

They are counting raw mangoes


Toranchem lonchem korunk zai aslem

Raw mangoes pickle we should make


Kapoticher toram dourun tannim ekdom borem kelam

Keeping these raw mangoes on the plastic they have done a good thing



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