Want To Step Up Your Konkani Learn With Alphabets? Lesson No. 8 –Alphabet ‘H’


Unheard Ways To Achieve Greater Konkani Learn With – Lesson No. 8 –Alphabet ‘H’


Step up your Konkani therefore, you need to read this first because everyone loves to learn with alphabets.

These are the most effective ways to get more out of Konkani learn with alphabets. In fact, Step Up Your Konkani to master Konkani by just doing less learn with alphabets that too without breaking a sweat.


  1. Improve At Konkani Learn With Alphabets
  2. Turn Your Konkani Learn With Alphabets From Blah Into Fantastic


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Make Your Konkani Learn With Alphabets Amazing – Step Up Your Konkani


Hachem —– His

Haddh —– Bone

Hadso —– Incident

Hastincho —– Funny guy, crazy guy

Hastinchem —– Funny female, crazy female

Handhi —– Big vessel, utensil

Hanv —– Myself, me

Hanvem —– I

Hans —– Laugh

Hansop —– Laughing

Hanspachem —– Laughing matter

Hanstolo —– Laughing (Male)

Hanstalem —– Laughing (Female)

Hatyaro —– Murderer, assassin

Hatt-paem —– hands-legs


Ridiculously Simple Ways To improve Your Konkani Learn With Alphabets – Step Up Your Konkani


Har —– Garland

Harlo —– Lost (Male)

Harlem —– Lost (Female)

Hartolo —– Will lose (Male)

Hartolem —– Will lose (Female)

Harvi —– Fisherfolks

Hanther —– Mat

Hanthrop —– Spreading the mat

Hath —– Hand


Step Up Your Konkani – One Sentence With The Letter ‘H’

‘Hanv Tuzo Mog Kortaum’ – I Love You


Hathinnim —– With hands

Hathbhor —– Handful

Hazar —– Thousand

Hazarannim —– In thousands

Heka —– For him

Hem —– This (Plural)

Hillo —– Nail (Singular)

Hille —– Nail (Plural)

Hizddo —– Eunuch

Himto —– Miser, tight-fisted (Male)

Himtem —– Miser, tight-fisted (Female)             

Ho —– This (Plural)

Hoddo —– Bald

Hoddier —– On the head

Hoggotio —– Crackers

Hollem —– Flat wooden piece

Holliacher —– On the flat wooden piece

Hok —– Rightfulness, right

Hoppoi —– Sell

Hondko —– Pond, a big hole

Horrem —– Spade

Horrop —– Scratch

Horrpi —–Scratch

Horrpiliar —– If you scratch

Hozne —– Boms

Hugdi —– Kind of traditional dance

Humtoon —– Uprooted

Humtovop —– To be uprooted

Hunn —– Hot, warm

Huskho —– be worried, anxiety

Husketalom —– Was worried (Male)

Husketalem —– Was worried (Female)

Huskar —– Deep breath

Hurhure —– Measles

Huxar —– Smart


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