How Can I learn Konkani – Lesson No. 1 | Learn Konkani 


Learn Konkani – The Easy Way


Learn Konkani, In this lesson, we will learn some common words starting with the alphabet ‘A’

These words are the most commonly used selected words in Konkani. Which shall be learned or in other words I shall say Learn Konkani.


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Words Starting with Alphabet ‘A’


Avoi-—- Mother

Avto —– Mad or crazy (Only for males)

Avtem –—- Mad (Only for females)

Aiz –—- Today

Ass —– Greed

Axecho —— Greedy Fellow (Only for males)

Axechem —– Greedy (Only for females)

Anic –—- And

Ami —– We

Amguelem –—- It’s Ours

Amchi —– Ours

Amkam —– For us

Amguer –—- Our place

Amkodem –—- With us

Amcher —– On us

Amcherru? —– On us?

Apshinch —– By itself – something happens by itself

Ailom –—- Came (Only for males)

Ailem —– Came (Only for females)

Aikat –—- Listen

Aikolem –—- Heard (Present tense)

Aikotat –—- Listening (present tense)

Aikilam —– Heard (Past tense)

Apolem —– Called

Apololem —– Was called

Apoitam —– Will Call

Apoi —– Call

Apoitorich —– After calling

Apoinaka —– Don’t call

Aiz —–Today

Atam –—- Now

Aizuch —– Just today or today only

Ambot —– Bitter

Also —– Lazy (for males only)

Alshi —– Lazy (For females only) 

Aslolo —– Was (Only for males)

Aslolem —– Was (Only for females)

Astonam —– When it was or when I was there

Ambo —– Mango

Avgod —– Hard

Astik —– Rich

Aghe —– You say this word for an elderly lady whilst discussing something. It’s kind of saying listen 

Ago —– You say this word to a girl. You can say this word to any female whilst discussing something. It’s kind of saying ‘arey’

Arey —– You say this word to a male – this is the same word which we often say in English too

Aitar —– Sunday

Aming —– Friend (its also a Portuguese word often used in Konkani – Only used for males)

Amizaadh —– Friendship

Amsaan —– Tamarind which is used directly for cooking – not the raw one

Apurbai —– Loving (When you love your kid you talk lovingly. Kind of affection or very affectionate) 

Akrek —– Finally


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