Konkani Language – Learn Konkani | Lesson No. 16 – Alphabet ‘P’

Konkani Language the official language of Goa

The  Konkani language  is widely spoken in every part of Goa. Konkani is easy to learn hence this blog is presenting the most common Konkani words used in everyday conversations at every house in Goa.

Goa is the only Konkani language state and according to the 2001 census 3-4 million people speak in Konkani.

Accordingly, around 57% of the population in Goa speak in Konkani language and the rest combines Marathi, English & Hindi.

In some of the coastal areas like Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala are also having a substantial Konkani speaking population.

Pai —– Father

Padri —– Priest

Padkho —– Calf bull, Young bull

Pagar —– Salary

Pakhte —– Wings

Pakit —– Purse, Wallet

Pakho —– Bat

Painxim —– 500

Pan —– Leaf

Panch —– Five

Panjirem —– Cage

Pankho —– Fan

Pantlo —– Basket

Panvde —– Steps

Parki —– Fortune teller

Parvo —– Pigeon

Patienaka —–Don’t trust

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Get The Most Out Of Goan Language – Learn Konkani The Easy Way

Is Konkani dying?


Surely Konkani is declining if one sees the overall growth percentage, as the new generation is more interested in English than in Konkani.

Patti —– Tea leaves

Patr —– Letter

Patrekar —– Journalist

Paus —– Rain

Pauni —– Auction

Paunik —– For auction

One sentence with the word ‘Auction’

Faliam tumchem ghor paunik galpak podtolem

Tomorrow your house will have to be auctioned

Pavitr —– Clean, Holy

Peyer —– Guava

Pekhop —– Healed, Cured

Pekhoupi —– Healer

Pemprem —– Trumpet

Petrol —–Gazoline, Kerosine

Pez —– Canji made of rice, Porridge

Pidda —– Sickness, Illness

Piddrel —– Mason

Pikhop —– To Ripen

Pikhlo —– Ripped

Pillop —– Squeezed

Is it true that Konkani speaking population in India has dropped?


According to the 2001 census, the Konkani speaking population has dropped from 25 lakhs in 2001 to 23 lakhs in 2011.

Pinaka —– Don’t drink

Planth —– Design, Map, Plan

Pinth —– Bile

Pirig —– Sick, Ill

Piso —– Mad, Crazy, Insane

Pisulle —– Moth, Butterfly

Pisand —– Foolish, Silly

Pittal —– Brass

Pitto —– Powder

One sentence with the word ‘Pitto’

Chau kortolo zaliar Gharant chayecho pito nam

To make tea there is no tea powder in the house


Piye —– Drink

Prakar —– Type, Kind, Method, Mode, Category

Pran —– Death

Pras —– Market place, Bus stand
Prasar —– Market place, Bus stand

Pravas —– Journey, Tour, Voyage

Podder —– Baker

Poi —– Look

Ponvat —– Jinx

Poitalom —– Was looking, was starring at

Poinaka —– Don’t look

Poixe —– Money

Poixeamkar —– Rich People

Pokoll —– Hollow

Poir —– Yesterday

Porvanam —– Don’t care

Poristiti —– State of a person, his/her well being

Poriksha —– Exam, test

Pordo —– Curtain

Pornem —– Old

Posko —– Adopted (Male), Foster

Poskem —– Adopted (Female), Foster

Porrot —– Again, Repeat

Portun —– Repeat, Once more

Povomp —– Swim, Float

Potho —– Address

Pujari —– Hindu priest

Poolacher —– On the bridge, Culvert

Punch —– Tail

Puravem —– Proof, Evidence

Purment —– Stock, Provision

Purush —– Men, Masculine, Manly

Pustok —– Book, Volume, Handbook

Punn —– But, Yet

Put —– Son

Pott —– Stomach

Putlo —– Statue, Idol


Common Sentences – Translated into English


Paus —– Rain – Paus podta tednam maka ekdom borem dista

When rain is falling that time I feel very happy

Pai —– Father – Mozo pai mozo mog chodd korta

My father loves me a lot

Pagar —– Salary – Maka pagar podlem muntorich tuka hanv ek shirt adtolom

When I get my salary, I will bring one shirt for you

Parvo —– Pigeon – Dhovo Parvo kitlo boro dista

White Pigeon looks  how pretty

Poinaka —– Don’t look – Maka ragan poinkana, bhirant dita maka

Don’t look at me so angrily, I am get scared

Portun —– Repeat, Once more – Tujem randop ekdom bore zata, portun anic ek pauti randtolo?

You cook good food, can you cook one more time?

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