Master The Art Of Konkani | Take Advantage Of Easy To Learn – Lesson No. 9 – Alphabet ‘I’

Most Well Guarded Secrets About Konkani Is Easy To Learn – Master The Art Of Konkani


Master The Art Of Konkani, Is Konkani the easiest language to learn? According to my experience, If you are familiar with the Marathi language then Konkani is the easiest language to learn.

Every tourist visiting Goa should be familiar with at least a few common words which are normally used in everyday conversation.

Take advantage of this blog why Konkani is very hard to learn is made very easy through these simple methods of mine.

The biggest mistake language learners make is they first try to learn what is not relevant to learn at the initial stages. 

I recommend all visitors visiting Goa to just to learn the few basic words provided here in this blog lesson-wise and watch the development gradually.


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Ieta —– Coming

Igorz —– Church

Igorjent —– Inside the Church

Illechem —– Tiny, little (Plural)

Illaj —– Treatment

Illo —– Little

Illocho —– Tiny, little (Singular)

Ikaar —– Poison

Ikravem —– Eleventh

Intruz —– Carnival

Inam —– Prize

Indesau —– Injection

Infern —– Hell

Irado —– Plan

Itlean —– By this

Itinga —– There

Itinia —– That side


Easy Ways You Can Turn Why Konkani Language Very Hard To Learn Into Success


Let’s Make One Sentence With ‘I’

‘Inga yeo matche’ – Just come here


Ikra —– Eleven

Imto —– Miser

Inga —– Here

Inkar —– Denial

Ingallo —– Coal piece (Singular)

Ingalle —– Coal pieces (Plural)

Inglez —– English

Inther —– Funeral, burial

Irmao —– Brother

Ismit —– Miracle (Singular)

Ismitam —– Miracles (Plural)

Istimosav —– Esteem, affection

Iskol —– School

Iskolant —– In the school

Istall —– Stall

Itulem —– So much

Ixt —– Friend (Male)

Ixtin —– Friend (Female)

Ixtagot —– Friendship


Let’s Make One Sentence With ‘I’

‘Ixtagottin Ami Jietao’ – We Live In Friendship


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