Konkani Verbs | Konkani to English Translation

Konkani Verbs | Konkani to English Translation


Konkani Verbs: Verb (Kriya)  zaun assa jem ek uttor ek action korta, ghodnni korta anic astitva. Verb sarkem ghorjechem eka vakhiyant (Sentence) assonkuch zai vo soglea vakhiyant ek verb tori asonk zai. Verb shaareerik assonk zata vo tem manasik assonk zata vo astitva.

Au hangasor tumkam thode udharan ditam:

– Shaareerik kriya: dhau, udhi, kha, nindh, khell.
– Manasik kriya: chint, shink, ugdass, visor, somjikai
– Asttitvaachi sthiti: Au, assa, aslo, astolo, astolim

Atam havn sokol tumkam chodd gorjechim Konkani verbs (Kriya) boroitam:

Here is the list of verbs in Konkani to English:

Agg vo hagg To defecate
Aik To hear
Alloi To shake
Apoi To call
Bajj To deep fry
Bandop To build
Barik To lean
Bhajj To roast
Bond kor To close
Boroi To write
Boss To sit
Bou To roam
Buddoi To dip
Chabb To chew
Chakchak To shine
Chal-lop To stir
Chimto To pinch
Chintop To think
Choi vo poi To look
Choll To walk
Chorop To steal
Dhadh To send
Dhakoi To show
Dhau To run
Dheu To descend
Dhi To give
Dhor To hold
Dhuvop To wash
Dovor To keep
Funk To blow
Geun vossop To take away
Ghall To put
Ghaloi To strain
Ghans mar To bite
Ghansh To scrub
Ghe To take
Ghodd mar To fold
Ghundoi To twist
Ghuv To turn
Gillop To Swallow
Gunddoi To rotate
Haad vo aad To bring
Hans To laugh
Hatt lavop To touch
Honkli mar To cough
Horzoi To scratch
io vo yeo To come
Kattor To cut
Khaa To eat
Khaddop To remove
Khal-loi To mix
Khell To play
Kor To do
Kudhke kor To shred
Kuxop To rot
Laash To burn
Lai To feed
Lamboi To hang
Le-u To lick
Lipoi To hide
Lokoi To push
Mar To beat
Marr To hit
Melop To get
Meu To meet
Modd  To break
Mukhar rau To lead
Mutt To urinate
Nach To dance
Ness To wear
Nhau To bathe
Nidd To sleep
Nivoi To cool
Odd vo vodd To Pull
Oi muddop To agree
Palloi To extinguish
Pinz To tear
Piyop To drink
Podd To fall
Posh To rear
Pouvop To swim
Push To wipe
Randd To cook
Rau To stay
Rau To wait
Rodd To cry
Sang To inform
Sang To say
Sang To tell
Shiu To sew
Sodd To release
Sodd To untie
Sodh To search
Soll To peel
Somoz To understand
Sovop To scold
Sukhoi To dry
Suzop To swell
Tapoi  To Boil
Tapoi To shout
Thamboi To stop
Ubb To fly
Ubo To stand
Uddi mar To jump
Uddoi To drop
Uddoi To throw
Ughod To open
Ukkhol To lift
Uloi To talk
Uloi To talk
Umbholl To wash clothes
Uttop To wake up
Uzar To use
Vach To read
Vannt To grind
Vantt To distribute
Vass ghe To smell
Vinchar  To ask
Vink To sell
Visor To forget
Vodh To drag
Voir chodd To climb
Vonk vo vunk To vomit
Voss To go
Vugoi To comb
Xink To learn
Zavop To happen
Zhodd To earn


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