Sentences in Konkani | Popular Konkani Expressions

Sentences in Konkani | Popular Konkani Expressions


Sentences in Konkani: Today in this article we will learn the most commonly asked questions in English.  Herein I will first give the meaning of the word and then I will create a sentence so that one can understand little better.


Sentences and words in Konkani translated into English

What is Sky called in Konkani?


Voir polle mollob dista

Look up, the sky is visible

What is called butter in Konkani?


Maka undeak butter laun dhi

Apply butter for the bread

How are you translate in Konkani?

Tum kosso assa?

How do you say my love in Konkani?

Mozo mog

Tum mozo mog

You are my love

How do you say beautiful in Konkani?


Tum kitlem sobit dista

You look so beautiful

How do you say wedding in Konkani?


Aiz amchea shezarachem kazar assa

Today is our neighbours wedding

How do you say reception in Konkani?


Falliam amchem kazarachem recepsau astolem

Tomorrow our wedding reception is there

How do you say nuptials in Konkani?  


Resper aiz sanje 4 vorancher

Reception is today at 4 o’clock

What does vaddo mean in Goa?


Mozo vaddo chodd boro dista

My ward looks very beautiful

How do you say anger in Konkani?


Maka tuzo chodd raag assa

I am very angry with you

How do you say dislike in Konkani?


Au tuka nakarnam

I don’t dislike you

How do you say Jealous in Konkani?


Tuka moji nossai kitiak

Why are you jealous of me

How can I call my husband in Konkani?


Ho mozo ghov

He is my husband

How do you say baby in Konkani?


Hem amchem dactem bai

She is our little baby

How do you say lover in Konkani?


Tem mojem anic havn tacho mogi

She is mine and I am her lover

How do you say valuable in Konkani?


Tem chodd moladik maka

She is very valuable to me

What is Mother Konkani?


Ti moji mai

She is my mother

What do you call aunt in Konkani?


Thi bail mojem maxen

That lady is my aunty

What is window called in Konkani?


Zonnel amchea gharachem sarkem moddlam

The window of our house is totally broken

What is widow called in Konkani?


Thi ostori raand

That lady is a widow

How do you say dad in Konkani?

Pai vo Bapui

To muzo pai

He is my father

How do you say mother in Konkani?

Mai vo Avoi

Thi moji mai

She is my mother

How do you say Grandma in Konkani?


Thi amchi Xemai

She is our Grandma

What is the meaning of Maka Naka go?

I don’t want

Tem maka naka

That I don’t want

How can I call my daughter in Konkani?


Thi moji mogachi dhu

She is my loving daughter

What is sister in Konkani?


Thi moji dacti bhoin

She is my younger sister

How do you say happy birthday in Konkani?

Zolm dissachi porbim

Aiz tuzo zolmazcho diss, zolm dissachi porbim tuka

Today is your birthday, happy birthday to you

How do you say God bless you in Konkani?

Devan tujer besanv ghalchem

What is the meaning of food in Konkani?


Aiz amchem jevonn borem aslem

Today our food was good

How can I learn Goan language?

Mojean Goenchi bhass koxem shikonk zata?

What do you call big brother in Konkani?

Vodlo bhau

Tho mozo vodlo bhau

He is my elder brother

How do you say son in Konkani?


Ho mozo mogacho put

He is my loving son

What is family called in Konkani?

Kutumb Vo Ghorabo

Ho amcho lhanso Kutumb

This is our small family

How do you say brother in law in Konkani?

Dher vo Bhailecho Bhau

Ho mozo dher, vo bhailecho bhau

He is my brother in law

How do you say alcohol in Konkani?


Soro jivak boro muntat

They say alchohol is good for health

How do you say happy wedding anniversary in Konkani?

Kazarachem Voros

Kazarachea vorsachi porbim tumkam

Happy wedding anniversary to you

How do you say friend in Konkani?

Aming vo Ixt

Ho mozo aming, vo mozo Ixt

He is my friend

What Goan means?

Nizacho Goenkar

Ami Goenkar sogle nizache

We are true Goan’s

How do you say goodnight in Konkani?

Deu bori raat dium

Tumkam sogliank Dev bori rat dium

Good night to you all

What are you doing meaning in Konkani?

Tum kitem kortai?

What is I love you in Konkani?

Au tuzo mog kortam

What is new year in Konkani?

Novem voros

What is breast called in Konkani?

Mommo (Singular) vo Momme (Plural)

What is fish called in Konkani?


Aiz ami nustem adlam

Today we brought fish

How do you say God bless you in Konkani?

Devan tujer besanv ghalchem

May God bless you

What is Chin called in Konkani?


Moji hadki bori dista

My chin is looking nice

What is the meaning of Susegad?


Tum susegad boss, chintinakai

You sit quietly, don’t think

What is patrao in Konkani?


Patrao, tum koso assai?

Boss, how are you?

What is liver called in Konkani?


Mojem figd sarkem dukhta maka

My liver is paining

What is called Squirrel in Konkani?


Charni amchea gharavoir bounta

Squirrel is roaming on our house

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