Speak Konkani Words & Phrases | Spoken Konkani 

Speak Konkani Words & Phrases | Spoken Konkani 


Speak Konkani Words & Phrases, the mother tongue of Goa, Konkani language learning is made easy. One can begin speaking Konkani words and phrases very much like a local Goanese.


Vach —– Read

Vachop —– Reading

Vachnaka —– Don’t read

Vaddo —– Ward/Village

Vagullem —– Kite fish

Vait —– Bad/Wrong deed

Vallor —– Value

Valthi —– White ants

Vakhannim —– Praise

Vankddem —– Crooked way/Bent

Varem —– Air/Breeze

Varoi —– Drop/Spill

Varoita —– Dropping

Vatt —– Pathway/Way

Vaur —– Work

Vaz —– Vase

Vazoi —– Play (Instrument)

Vegin —– Quickly

Veng —– Hug

Vetam —– Going/Leaving

Vic —– Poison

Vichitr —– Unique

Vikrek —– For sale

Viman —– Airoplane

Vink —– Sell

Vinknaka —– Don’t sell

Visor —– Forget

Visronaka —– Don’t forget

Vistid —– Dress

Visvas —– Trust

Vizmit —– Miracle

Vodd —– Big/Large

Voddlem —– Large

Voddem —– Boat

Vogdam —– Medicines

Vollok —– Introduction/Introduce

Vokol —– Bride

Voklek —– for the bride

Voiz —– Doctor

Vorram —– Hours

Vosth —– Thing

Voss —– Go

Vossnaka —– Don’t go

Vott —– Sunny


Few Sentences with Alphabet “V”

Vach – Read

Ho book ekdom boro assa, tum vach anic polle

This book is really good, you read and see

Vait – Bad/Wrong deed

Tuvem chodd vait kelem, oxem korunc favo naslem

You did very bad thing, you shouldn’t have done like this

Varoi – Drop/Spill

Duudh varoilem tuvem, tum sarko piso

You dropped the milk, you are really mad

Vaz – Vase

Ho fullancho Vase ekdom boro dista

This flower Vase is looking too good

Vegin – Quickly

Vegin yeo inga, nam zaliar mar podtolo

Come here quickly or you will get beating

Viman – Airoplane

Ho Viman kitlo voddlo assa, ekdom boro dista

This plane is so big, looks so beautiful

Visronaka – Don’t forget

Visronaka falliam maka moje poixe zai

Don’t forget tomorrow I need my money

Voss – Go

Voss anic porot einaka

Go and don’t come back

Vott –Sunny

Bair sarkem vott assa, ami maguir voichem bair

Outside it is really sunny, we will go out later


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