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Useful Konkani Phrases To Keep Konkani Look Amazing – Alphabet ‘A’


How To Learn Konkani Easily and within a short period? Follow this blog regularly and grasp the basic words and move step by step. Your Konkani will look amazing.


Au ekdom boro assa – I am very fine

Au faliam tuka mevonk etam —– I am coming tomorrow to see you

Amkam mevonk tum kednam etolo? – To meet us when you are coming

Amguer faliam jevnak yeo – Tomorrow come to our place for food/lunch/dinner

Amchem sobit Goem – Our beautiful Goa

Au kazar zatam – I am getting married

Amchem faliam fest, dekhun tum yeo – Tomorrow is our feast, so you come

Amkam rag adnaka – Don’t make us angry


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Aiz maka zor aila dista – Today I got a fever I think

Aprilant au Mumbai voitolom, tum etai? – In April I am going to Mumbai, you coming?

Au etam mojem car geun – I am coming in my car

Arey tum kednam ailo goent? – Arey when you came to Goa

Amcho padri sarko koddok assa – Our priest is very strict

Au einam tinga, tum voss – I am not coming there, you go

Amchim don sunnim assat – We have two dogs

Aiz yeo mure amguer – Come today re to our place

Au faliam interview diupak vetam – I am going tomorrow to give interview


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How To Learn Konkani Easily – Learn Konkani – Speak Konkani 


Au sarko ragan borlom – I was very angry

Amkam kitiak zai, sod khobor – Why we need to bother, leave it

Akrek tuka gomle nui – Finally you came to know it

Ankvar cholle kazar zaunk sodtai muje laguim – Unmarried boys are interested to get married to me

Amchem ghor sarkem pornnem dista – Our house is surely looking old

Amchea shettant faliam maka todem kam assa – In our field tomorrow I have little work

Aiz boro tiatr assa modgovam, tum etolo? – Today in Madgao good drama is there, are you coming?

Aiz passun maka tuzo mog assa – Even today I am in love with you

Au tuzo chodd mog kortam – I love you too much


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Amkam eka mekachi sodanch goroz assta – We need each other’s help always

Au astanam tum kitiak bietai – When I am there why you are worried

Au ossoch tuka vinchartalom – I was just asking simply

Amcho put London shinkta – My son is studying in London


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