Family Tree In Konkani – Kuttombache Zhadd | The Relationship’s in English To Konkani

The Relationship’s in English To Konkani | Family Tree In Konkani


 Kuttombachem Zhadd means Family Tree In Konkani. Here is a family tree of relationships.

Father in Konkani language – Pai or Bapui

How to say mother in Konkani – Mai or Avoi

Wife in Konkani language – Bhail or Potin

Konkani family tree – Kuttombache Zhadd

Great grandmother in Konkani – Xemai/Aji

How to say sister in Konkani – Bhoin

What is daughter in Konkani – Dhu


Here is a Family tree of Relationships – Kuttombachem Zhadd

Bridegroom —– Nouro

Bride —– Okol

Husband —– Ghov/Poti

Wife —– Bhail/Potin

Father/Daddy – —- Pai/Bapui

Mother/Mummy —– Avoi/Mai

Adopted Father —– Posku Bapui/Pai

Adopted Mother —– Poski Mai/Avoi

Adopted Son —– Posko

Adopted Daughter —– Poskem

Second Wife —– Southin

Wife’s Brother —– Mevnno

Wife’s Sister —– Mevnni

Husbands Brother —– Dher

Brothers Wife —– Vhoinne/Unni

Sister In Law – Husbands Sister —– Nonond

Husbands Brothers Brothers Wife —– Zav

Baby —– Ballok/Balak

Boy —– Chollo/Cheddo

Girl —– Cheddum/Choli

Son —– Put/Poot

Daughter —– Dhuv

Brother —– Bhau

Sister —– Bhoinn

Boy Born After Three Consecutive Girls —– Tiklo

Girl Born After 3 Consecutive Boys —– Tiklem

Step Mother —– Sovtheli Mai/Avoi

Step Father —– Sovthelo Bapui/Pai

Step-Son —– Sovthelo Put

Step Daughter —– Sovtheli Dhu

Son in law —– Zanvoi

Daughter in law —– Sun

Brothers Son —– Putovnno

Brothers Daughter —– Dhuvddi

Eldest Sister —– Mana/Bai

Eldest Brother —– Irmau/Umao

Grand Father —– Xepai

Grand Mother —– Xemai/Aji

Xepai – Xemai —– Grandparents

Great Grand Father —– Azo

Great Grand Mother —– Aji

Grandson —– Natu

Grand Daughter —– Nath/Nati

Grand Children —– Nathram

Maternal Grand Father —– Mam Pai

Paternal Grand Mother —– Mam – Mai

Paternal Grand Mother —– Ghoramai

Paternal Grand Mother —– Ghorapai

Fathers Eldest Brother —– Vhoddlo Pai

Fathers Second Brother —– Dacto Vo Vodlo Pai

Fathers Third Brother —– Tipai

Fathers Third Brothers Wife —– Timai

Fathers Eldest Brothers Wife —– Vhoddli Mai

Fathers Second Brothers Wife —– Daktti Mai

Mothers Brother (Uncle) —– Mama/Mam

Fathers Sister (Aunty) —– Timai

Mothers Sisters Son —– Mauxe Bhau

Fathers Brothers Daughter —– Bapul Bhoinn

Father In Law —– Sasu Pai/Sasro

Mother In Law —– Sasu Mai/Sas

Fathers Brothers Son (Cousin) —–Bapul Bhau

Mothers Sisters Daughter Cousin Sister —– Mauxi Bhoin

Fathers Brother (Uncle) —– Titiu

Sisters Son —– Bacho

Sister’s Daughter —– Bhachi

Great Grandson —– Ponttu

Great Grand Daughter —– Ponti

Great Grand Children —– Pontturam

Mothers Sister —– Mauxi/Maxan

Fathers Sister —– Akoi/Kaku

Father’s Sister’s Husband —– Kakapai

Father’s Sisters Place —– Kakapaiger

Uncle’s Place —– Mamager

Mother’s Brother’s Wife (Aunty) —– Mami

Mother’s Sister’s Husband —– Mauxi/Mauxecho Ghou

Grand Daughters Husband —– Nath-Zanvui

Great Grand Daughters Husband —– Ponti-Zanvui

Grandson’s Wife —– Nath-Sun

Great Grand Son’s Wife —– Ponttu-Sun

Filead —– God Child

GodFather —– Podon/Padrin/Kumpar

God Mother —– Kumar/Modon/Madrin

Best Man —– Deddo

Bridesmaid —– Deddi

Nephew —– Bacho

Niece —– Bachi

Spinster —– Beatin

Father In Law’s Brother —– Fagurmav

Mother In Laws Sister —– Fagurmai


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