Fish Names | Konkani Fish Names In English

Fish Names

Fish Names in Konkani to English,  what is fish called in Konkani? Nustem or nusteak. Nustem is singular and nusteak is plural.

What is Crab called in Konkani? Kurli or Kurlio.

Fish is most popular item in daily food servings in Goa. Goa is producing fish in abundance as it has unbroken shorelines and many places in Goa are having rivers and ponds in villages, hence fishing has been the hobby of most Goan’s.

The most Common fish available are the Mackerels, Sardines, Sharks, Shrimps, Crabs, Pomfrets etc.

So, lets learn some of the most common fish names translated into English.


Bangdo – Mackerel

Fish Names | Konkani Fish Names In English

Bombil – Bombay Duck

Fish Names | Konkani Fish Names In English

Bankochcho – Porcupine Fish 

Bankochcho - Porcupine Fish 

Bebu – Cuttle Fish 

Bebu - Cuttle Fish 

Bale – Ribbon Fish

Bale - Ribbon Fish

Bakado – Blue Fin Tuna

Bakado - Blue Fin Tuna

Buranto – Naked Head/Glassy Perchlet

Buranto - Naked Head/Glassy Perchlet

Chonak – Giant Sea Perch

Chonak - Giant Sea Perch

Chikale – Murrels 

Chikale - Murrels 

Combo – Butterfly Fish 

Combo - Butterfly Fish 

Capsali Mandli – Gold Spotted Anchovy

Capsali Mandli - Gold Spotted Anchovy

Callas – Grunter Fish

Callas - Grunter Fish

Dinas – Carp Fish 

Dinas - Carp Fish 

Diana – Leather Jacket Fish

Diana - Leather Jacket Fish

Dhadyare – Croaker/Jew Fish

Dhadyare - Croaker/Jew Fish

Galmo – Shrimps 

Galmo - Shrimps 

Gobro – Reef Cod/Rock Fish

Gobro - Reef Cod/Rock Fish

Ghol – Jew fish

Ghol - Jew fish

Haddo – Rock Bream

Haddo - Rock Bream

Hado Bangdo – Horse Mackerel

Hado Bangdo - Horse Mackerel

Isvon – King Fish – Seer Fish

Isvon - King Fish - Seer Fish

Jibber – Gizzard-Shad 

Jibber - Gizzard-Shad 

Karli – Silver Bar 

Karli - Silver Bar 

Kalvam – Oysters

Kalvam - Oysters

Kalundar – Pearl Spot

Kalundar - Pearl Spot

Khampi – Pony Fish/Silver Belly

Khampi - Pony Fish/Silver Belly

Konkar – Long Fin Cavalla

Konkar - Long Fin Cavalla

Konkaro – Lizard Fish/Sead

Konkaro - Lizard Fish/Sead

Kubo/Kube – Clams/Cockles

Kubo/Kube - Clams/Cockles

Kurli/Kurlio – Crab/Crabs

Kurli/Kurlio - Crab/Crabs

Lep/Lepo – Sole Fish/Tongue Fish

Lep/Lepo - Sole Fish/Tongue Fish

Modso – Lemon Fish

Modso - Lemon Fish

Mudhoshi- Lady Fish

Mudhoshi- Lady Fish

Maanki/Bonddas – Squid

Maanki/Bonddas - Squid

Pamplet – Pomfret

Pamplet - Pomfret

Pedi/Pedio – Hilsa Lisha

Pedi/Pedio - Hilsa Lisha

Palu – Perch Fish

Palu - Perch Fish

Rawans – Indian Salmon

Rawans - Indian Salmon

Shinalio – Mussels

Shinalio - Mussels

Sorngul/Halva – Black Pomfret

Sorngul/Halva - Black Pomfret

Sangtam/Sangot – Cat Fish

Sangtam/Sangot - Cat Fish

Somdhalo – Butter Fish

Somdhalo - Butter Fish

Shevto – Mullet

Shevto - Mullet

Sungtam/Sungot – Prawns

Sungtam/Sungot - Prawns

Shark – Mori

Shark - Mori

Shetki – Whip Fin Majazrra

Shetki - Whip Fin Majazrra

Tarlo/Tarle – Sardines

Tarlo/Tarle - Sardines

Tonki – Barracuda

Tonki - Barracuda

Tamus – Red Snapper

Tamus - Red Snapper

Vagulem – Ray Fish/Kite Fish

Vagulem - Ray Fish/Kite Fish

Vonong – Hilsa Species 

Vonong - Hilsa Species 

Velli – Silver Belly 

Velli - Silver Belly 


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