Learn Konkani Shortcut – It’s Easy If You Do It Smart – Lesson No. 7 – Alphabet ‘G’

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Your key to success learn Konkani with lesson no. 7 – alphabet ‘G’


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Gai —– Cow

Gaionam —– Songs, Hymns

Gazota  —–Trending

Gazoi —– Make famous

Gazoinaka —– Don’t make famous

Gazoiliar —– If make famous

Goem —– Goa

Goemkar —– Goan

Ghe —– Take

Ghagro —–Long skirt, petticoat

Ghaindhol —– Earthworm

Ghal —– Put

Ghainaka —– Don’t put

Ghatonnam —– Whilst putting

Ghelom —– Went (Male)


How To Learn Konkani ? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart


Ghelem —– Went (Female)

Ghetam —– Buying, will take

Ghetolom —– Will buy

Ghant —– Bell. pendulum

Ghanti —–Bell sounding, pendulum sounding

Ghavant —– In the village

Gham —– Sweat, perspiration

Ghar —– House       

Ghavo —– Scar

Ghavop —– Singing

Ghavpi —– Singer, vocalist

Ghelom —– Went (Male)

Ghelolim —– Went (Plural)

Ghelem —– Went (Female)

Ghetam —– Buying

Ghetlim —– Will buy

Ghetolom —– Will buy

Ghevpi —– Can buy

Ghirest —– Rich


Everyone Learns Konkani – Learn


Ghiran —– Eclipse

Ghirestkai  —– Wealth, wealthy

Ghod-ghoddo —– Thundering

Ghodd —– Sweet

Ghodxem —– Sweet dish

Ghodial —– Watch

Ghodialam —– Watches

Ghollo —– Throat

Gholoi —– Strain

Gholoitam —– Dropping

Ghom —– Gum, glue

Ghomonastanam —– Without telling, without informing

Ghomoi —– Inform

Ghonn —– Eagle

Ghopant —– In the heart

Ghorib —– Poor

Ghoro —– Fair

Ghoracher —– On the house

Ghorchiannim —– House members


One Word Learn Konkani


Ghorvam —– Cattle

Ghoroupak —– For fishing

Ghorovop —– Fishing

Ghoroi —– Do fishing

Ghormi —–Hot

Ghorom —– Hot

Ghorkar —– Husband

Ghostachem —– Tasty

Ghov —– Husband

Ghovacher —– Over husband

Ghulab —– Rose

Ghutt —– Secrets

Ghuvta —– Turning, moving around

Ghot —– Strong

Ghodd —– Mend

Ghoddpi —– Mender, one who mends

Ghoranti —– Fishing rod

Ghorkarni  —– Wife

Gugum —– Owl

Ghurvar —– Pregnant

Gupit —– Quietly


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