How to learn Konkani through English – Lesson No. 4

Learn Through English | Konkani language – Lesson No. 4 


How to learn Konkani through English if that is your question then you are at the right place. Here in this blog, you have the best and easy methods to learn Konkani the easiest way ever.

Learn first all the main words spoken generally by the people of Goa.
Further down we will learn the basic sentences and by which time you will be already somewhere midway through Konkani, so let’s get going.

In this lesson no. 4 we will learn the alphabet’s beginning with the word ‘D’.
These are some of the important words randomly selected.

Dhi —– Give
Dhitolo —– Will give
Dhinaka —– Don’t give
Diuyea —– Let’s give
Devnchar —– Devil
Dekh —– Discipline, Manners
Dhakoi —– Show
Dhakoita —– Showing
Dukhor —– Pig (Singular)
Dhukram —– Pigs (Plural)
Dha —– Ten
Dusman —– Enemy
Dhukta —– Paining
Dhuk —– Pain, Sad
Dhukovop —– To give pain
Dishaa —– Direction
Disbhor —– Whole day
Diss —– Day
Disacho —– In the day
Disak —– During the day


Konkani Bhasha – Goan Konkani


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Dovor —– Keep
Dhovornaka —– Don’t keep
Dhovoryea —– Let’s keep
Dukhol —– Push
Dhukoilo —– Pushed, hurt
Dista —– Seems
Dhisota —– It seems
Distalem —– It seemed (Past tense)
Dhar —– Door
Dixt —– Sight, Vision
Dhudu —– Money, Wealth
Dhor —– Hold
Dhornaka —– Don’t hold
Dudh —– Milk
Dudhkar —– Milk-seller (Male)
Dudhkarn —– Milk-seller (Female)
Donparam —– Afternoon time
Donpar —– Afternoon
Donparanchem —– During the afternoon
Dhed —– One and a half
Dhukandar —– Shopkeeper
Dhuknar —– On the shop
Dhuknacher —– On the shop
Dhokko —– Shock
Dhor —– Rope (Thick rope)
Dhori —– Rope (Thin rope)

Dholo —– Eye (Singular)

Dhole —– Eyes (Plura)

Dhongor —– Hill

Dusro —– Second (Male)

Dusrem —– Second (Female)

Dusreak —– For others

Dimbi —– Kneel

Dhon —– Two


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