Is Konkani Easy To Learn? Learn Spoken Konkani


Is Konkani Easy To Learn? Learn Spoken Konkani


Is Konkani Easy To Learn? Learn Spoken Konkani


Konkani or Konkni which is also written as Conkanim is an Indo-Aryan language. It is widely spoken by the Konkani people.

Surely, Konkani is very easy to learn and definitely the easiest language to learn in fact. Through this blog, you can learn spoken Konkani.

Konkani is the official language of Goa the only state to have Konkani as the official language.

Konkani is widely spoken in Goa. In fact, the majority of Goans speak in Konkani Hence  Konkani is easy to learn.

But there is also a slight variation in pronunciations from the Salcete and Bardez side people.

Salcete means the North of Goa and Bardez to the South of Goa.


The Salcetkars And The Bardezkars


The people of Salcete are commonly known as ‘Salcetkars and the people of Bardez are commonly known as Bardezkars.


There are some words in Konkani which are similar to Portuguese or in other words the Goans still use few Portuguese words while interacting.

Here is an example of one such word which is used for a friend.


  1. Amig or Aming–Portuguese Word
  2. Ixt – Konkani Word


Amig means Ixt (Male – the meaning of both these words in English means – Friend

This was just one example and moreover,  as we continue further I will be updating.


Konkani And Marathi Have Similarity


Konkani has similarities with the Marathi language also. You can find a lot of Marathi words that are similar to Konkani but their pronunciations are different somewhat.

But if you have learned Marathi then it will be easy for you to understand most of Konkani’s words and vice versa.

They also say that Konkani has many words in common with Gujarati as well.


Is Konkani Easy To Learn? Learn Spoken Konkani


Well, this blog I have created because I could not find any good blog where Konkani could be learned easily by reading from there.

Here in this blog, I will be creating lessons in a very simple and easy way so that anyone visiting this blog will find it easy to learn Konkani.

This Blog will have lessons based on daily conversations. And the audio will help people to get and understand the words and pronunciations correctly.

Cheers & Happy Learning


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