Goan Konkani Language – Lesson No. 5 – Alphabet ‘E’

Goan Konkani – Learn Some Essential Words


Goan Konkani, learn some essential Konkani words for daily usage when you are around Goa. 


The blog is specially created keeping in mind a few of those people who are very keen to learn Goan Konkani. 


Learning Konkani would be easy, catch hold of some Konkani-speaking friends and ask them to teach a few Konkani words first and then some sentences. 

Listen to Konkani songs and watch few Konkani movies.


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Konkani is the official language of the Goan people. These words provided here in this blog can be very useful to the tourists coming into Goa from around the world.

Even learning just a few important words and sentences can help tourists as and when they are moving around parts of Goa, particularly in remote villages.

Therefore, let us learn few more basic words starting with the alphabet ‘E’


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Eiliar —– If coming

Eta —– Coming

Euxi —– Come

Eupak —– To Come

Etolo —– Will come (Male)

Etolem —– Will come (Female)

Enddo —– Crazy (Male)

Enddem —– Crazy (Female)

Ek —– One

Eekra —– Eleven

Ekravem —– Eleventh

Ekto —– Single (Male)

Eksuro —– Alone (Male)

Eksurem —– Alone (Female)

Eksurponn —– Single, singleness

Ektem —– Single (Female)

Ekloch —– Sole, Alone (Male)

Eklench —– Sole, Alone (Female)

Ekthain —– Together

Ekvoth —– Togetherness

Etanam —– Whilst coming

Etonam —– Whilst coming

Ekdhom —– Too much

Etorich —– After coming


Read Some Konkani Stories To Improve And Grasp Konkani


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Entradh —– Entry

Eupachem —– Suppose to come

Europak —– Europe

Edonam —– This time

Edhem —– This much (Plural)

Eddo —– This much (Singular)

Eddeshem —– So little

Eshem —– This way, this manner, like this

Essolem —– Like this

Eshkon —– Like this

Erbel —– Kind of greenish snake

Entbhor —– Little thing, kind of measurement, size

Emkondh —– Hell

Euvun —–After coming

Evkar —– Welcome

Euchonam —– Will not come (Male)

Euchenam —– Will not come (Female)

Eenzner —– Engineer


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