Phrases – Konkani Phrases Translated into English

Phrases – Konkani Phrases Translated into English

Phrases – 50 most common phrases for tourists visiting Goa, speak in Konkani and win the hearts of the Goan people when in Goa.

Interact in local language, especially when asking locations or when making any enquiries.

Phrases – Konkani – English

1 Tujem nav kitem?  What is your name
2 Tum/tumi kuin rautat? Where you’ll stay
3 Tum/tumi kuin san ailiant? You’ll come from which place/state
4 Tum/tumi koxim assat? How are you’ll
5 Tum/tumi kunchiea hotelant rautat/assat? You’ll stay in which hotel
6 Goem tuka/tumkam koxem lagta? How you’ll like Goa
7 Goem tuka/tumkam north borem dista vo south Which part of Goa you like the best north or south
8 Faliam tuka/tumkam taxi zai? Tomorrow you’ll will need taxi
9 Goent borem hotel jeupak kunchemborem assa? In Goa which restaurant is good for food
10 Palolem beach vosspak kitle poixe guetolo? How much will you charge to go to Palolem beach
11 Palolem beach vosspak kitlo vell lagta? How much time does it take to go to Palolem beach
12 Tajem nustem khaupak kuin meltolem? Fresh fish to eat where we can get
13 Kuinchem hotelant borem nustem meuta? Which restaurant provides good fish
14 Dev borem korum Thank you
15 Devan tujer bessau galchem God bless you
16 Dev boro diss dium Have a good day
17 Maka naka  I don’t want 
18 Tuka/tumkam bore saanz aundettam A very good evening to you’ll
19 Maka Goa khubb borem dista I like Goa very much
20 Maka Goencho chodd mog I love Goa too much
21 Casino vosspak zai maka I want to go to Casino
22 Calangute beach kuin assa? Where is Calangute beach
23 Faliam amkam northak vosspak zai Tomorrow we want to go to north
24 Ekdom bori beach kunichi? Which is the best beach in Goa
25 Candle light dinner korunk zai amkam We want to have a candle light dinner
26 Martins corner restaurant kuin assa? Where is Martins Corner restaurant
27 Boro dotor tondecho konn assa Goem? Who is a good doctor for cold in Goa
28 Maka Konkani xikonk zai I want to learn Konkani
29 Tujem/tumchem ghor kuin assa? Where is your house
30 Hi moji bhail She is my wife
31 Him mojim burguim They are my kids
32 Tuka kitlim vorsam How old are you
33 Tum chodd baddem sangta You are asking too much fare
34 Tuka English kolta? Do you know English
35 Bitor soronk poixe assat/lagtat? Is there any entry fee to enter inside
36 Amkam D’mello house poloupak zai We want to see the D’mello house
37 Braganza house kuin assa? Where is Braganza house
38 Borem guest house kuin meutolem? Where can I get a good guest house
39 Night life hotels kuin borim assat? Where are good night life hotels
40 Jevonn kuim borem meuta? Where can I get good food
41 Goem boro waterfall kuin assa? In Goa where is the best waterfall
42 Gadi soukas choloi, fast choloinaka Drive the vehicle slowly, don’ drive fast
43 Safety belt gatla tuvem? Did you wear the safety belt
44 Anic kitlo vell lagtolo Palolem paupak? How much time it will take to reach Palolem
45 Amkam Butterfly beach vosspak zai aslem We wanted to go to Butterfly beach
46 Washroom vater meutolo? Ahead we will find a washroom
47 Goa airportar vor amkam falliam Take us to Goa airport tomorrow
48 Donparam flight assa amkam Afternoon we have a flight
49 Tuzo contact number meutolo? Your contact number can you give
50 Tum ekdom boro munis You are a good man


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