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How to Learn Konkani Tips


How to learn Konkani? Konkani is the most popular and widely spoken language in Goa, the official language of Goa is also Konkani.

Learning Konkani is not rocket science, therefore, this blog is ideal for learning the basic words and phrases of Konkani.

Keeping aside the script and dialectical differences, Konkani is very easy to learn if one is familiar with Marathi. Besides there are many easy to master courses in Konkani conducted in Goa and few online courses as well.

There is very minimal difference in a few words and pronunciations in Mangalorean Konkani and Goan Konkani.

Even though Goa is a tiny state, there are still few minor differences in accents of Salcete (South) and Bardez (North) Goa.


Here Are 6 Tips to Learn Konkani Easily

1 -Keep contacts with Konkani speaking friends via voice chats on Whatsapp, Messengers etc. Chat online and keep asking the meanings of words and learn new words every day.

 Tell your friends to speak with you in Konkani and keep asking them the meanings of every new word that you hear which you don’t understand. Try to communicate regularly to refresh those words learnt earlier.

Wish your friends with simple and common words like good morning, good afternoon or good night. If not, text them daily.


2- Watch Konkani movies and songs on Youtube. Visit Mangoansongs blog, a well-designed blog with songs and lyrics.

Watch the songs and read the lyrics side by so that you get familiar with the Goan and Mangalorean speaking accents.


3- Read Konkani books and newspapers daily. Reading is the best method to learn and improve on any language.


4- Another top tip is to watch the Konkani news channel and web series. I would recommend to watch Konkani web series daily, because it will help greatly to learn and understand the accents and pronunciations.


5- Buy a Konkani dictionary both Konkani to English and vice versa.


6- Watch some tutorial videos on Youtube, there are few channels that teach Konkani.


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