Surprisingly Effective Ways To Learn Konkani – Lesson No. 10 – Alphabet ‘J’


Learn Konkani To Make Someone Fall In Love With You – Effective Ways To Learn Konkani 


You must be asking yourself as to how to become better with Konkani the effective ways. Some people excel in Konkani and some don’t – which one are you?


I would say, believe in your Konkani skills but never stop improving. Get better by just following the lessons provided here in this blog. Konkani is very easy if you learn smartly, it’s new generation Konkani to English.


You Must Learn The Right Way! Effective Ways To Learn Konkani 



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Janer —– January

June —– June

July —– July

Jednam —– Whilst, at that time

Jietanam —– Whilst eating

Jeth —– Style

Jettan —– With style

Jevtam —– Eating

Jev —– Eat

Jell —– Ice

Jello —–Small necklace

Jem —– Sleep

Jemetha —– Sleeping

Jiktolo —– Will win

Jiklo —– Won

Jinsavam —– Different

Jinknar —– Winner

Jikliar —– If win



One Sentence With The Alphabet ‘J’

‘Jivitbhor Au Tuzo Mog Kortolom’ – I Will Love You The Forever


Jib —– Tongue

Jibecher —– On the tongue

Jiv —– Life

Jivo —– Alive

Jivacho —– Of life

Jivitant —– In life

Jurament —– Promise

Juramentan —– With promise



One Sentence With The Alphabet ‘J’

“Jurament Au Ditam Tuka” – I Give My Promise


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