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 Goan language  learning is easy if you follow the learning process given here in these lessons.

In this blog, I have used the most commonly used words and phrases in Konkani.


Learn Konkani | Lesson No. 15 – Alphabet ‘O’


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Obrigad —– Grateful, thankful

Ogdam —– medicines

Ogdamcher —– On the medicines

Odik —– More

Oddop —– Pulling, dragging

Oi —– Yes

Ogo —– Quiet, silent (For male)

Ogem —– Quiet, silent (For female)

Ojeap —– Surprise

Ojeaplom —– Surprised

Okl —– Spectacle

Oklist —– Optician

Oklam —– Spectacles

Okol —– Bride (Singular)

Oklam —– Brides (Plural)

Oklecher —– On the bride

Olem —– Wet

Olelem —–Wet


One Example Of Goan Konkani Phrases – Goan Language

Ang mojem sarkem olem assa, angar mojea udok podlolem dekhun – My body is fully wet, on my body water fell


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Olok —– Recognise, Introduction

Olkichem —– Know person (Female)

Olkicho —– Known person (Male)

Olkonam —– Don’t know

Olt —– Turn

Oltar —– At the turn

Ont —– Lips

Onot —– Wall

Onticher —– On the wall

Ontor —– difference

Ontorlo —– Died

Ontrollar —– In the sky

Onkar —– Vomit

Onkario —– Vomiting       


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One Example Of Goan Konkani Phrases – Goan Language

To boro naslo dekhunn teka onkar etali – He was not well so he was vomiting


Onopkari —– Ungrateful person

Opar —– Proverb, example, idiom

Opario —– Proverbs, examples, Idioms

Operesau —– Operation

Orrad —–High class, proud of, respected

Ordo —– Half

Ordem —– Half

Oslem —– Like this (Plural)

Ostori —– Female

Oskot —– Weak

Oskotin —– Due to weakness

Oskoticho —– Weak guy

Oskotichem —– Weak female

Oslim —– Like This (Pural)

Oslem —– Like this (Singular)

Oslo —– Like this

Ossonachia —– Assolna (Place in Salcete)

Otumbr —– October

Oto —– That guy

Otoch —– Him only

Oxem —– Like this

Oznadik —– Very strong, great


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One Example Of Goan Konkani Phrases – Goan Language

Ho amcho oznadik actor Konkani Tiatrant – He is our great actor on Konkani drama’s


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