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Goan Konkani language


Goan Konkani language – Konkani is the official language of Goa. It is an Indo-Aryan language spoken mainly in the state of Goa, Maharashtra, Mangalore, Karnataka, Kerala etc.

Konkani is easy language to learn as one can find a lot of Konkani to English translations and vice versa.

Here a few words and sentences with the alphabet “S”


Saanz —– Evening

Sacrament —– Vow/Promise

Samon —– Items/Materials/Things

Samkar —– In front

Sambhar —– Coriander Seeds

Samballun —– Carefully/with care

Sandhun —– Left alone

Sangtham —– Will inform/Will tell


Sentence with the word ‘Sangtham’

Sangtham tuka au kednam tumgher etolom tho

Telling you when I will come to your place


Sangathan —– All together

Sandhinaka —– Don’t leave

Sandtholo —– Will leave

Shakthi/Shokthi —– Power/Strength

Shanti —– Peace

Sasupai —– Father in law

Sasumai —– Mother in law

Shevthalo/Shevtho —– Mullet Fish

Savli —– Shadow

Serkhar —– Government

Sheth —– Field

Shithol —– Clean

Shinkhop —– Study/Studies

Shinktholo —– Will learn (Male)

Shinktholem —– Will learn (Female)

Shikhoupi —– Teacher/Tutor

Sobit —– Pretty/Beautiful

Sodd —– Leave

Soddinaka —– Don’t leave

Soddtholom —– Will leave

Soithan —– Devil

Soglim —–All

Sogoth —– Together

Sokallim —– Morning

Sentence with the word ‘ Sokallim’

Au tumgher falliam sokallim etolom

I will come to your place tomorrow morning

Somon —– Week

Sopon —– Dream

Sounsar —– World

Soukas —– Slowly

Sothra —– Seventeen

Sotri —– Umbrella

Soula —– Sixteen

Subez —– Extra/More

Sussegad —– Relax/Relaxed manner

Sundor —– Beautiful

Sui —– Needle

Sunkhrar —– Friday

Susti —– Lazy

Surmai —– Seer fish

Suth —– Thread

Sutti —– Holiday

Sunnem —– Dog

Sunnim —– Dogs

Sunn (Soon) —– Daughter in law

Sukhnnem —– Bird

Sukhnnim —– Bird’s

Sukh —– Happy/Happiness

Sunghtam —– Prawns

Surya —– Sun

Suvath —– Place/Area

Suzlo —– Swollen (Male)

Suzllem —– Swollen (Female)

Somplo —– Dead (Male)

Sompli —– Died (Female)

Sorop —– Snake/Cobra


Few Sentences with Alphabet “S”

Sorop – Snake – Amcha gahrant ek sorop ailolo

In our house there was a snake

Sompli –Died –  Mai moji khall sompli

My mother died yesterday

Suzllem – Swollen – Mojem thond sarkem suzllem

My face is really swollen

Suvath – Place/Area – hi suvath amchea gharachi

This place or area is of my house

Sungtham – Prawns – Khall ami zaitim sungtham adlolim

Yesterday we had brought lots of prawns

Sutti – Holiday – Falliam amkam sogliank sutti assa

Tomorrow we all have holiday

Susti – Lazy – Ho burgo sarko susti

This boy is very lazy

Suth – Thread – Hanv suth geun rop shiutham

I take thread and stitch clothes

Soddinaka – Don’t leave – Maka tum kednach soddinaka

Don’t you leave me ever

Sobit – Pretty/Beautiful – Tem cheddum ekdom sobit dista

That girl is very beautiful looking

Shithol – Clean – Ho zago kitlo shitol assa

This place is so clean

Sangathan – All together – Ami soglim sangathan rauchim

We all shall live together

Sasupai – Father in law – Mozo Sasupai ekdom boro munis

My father in law is a good human

Samkar – In front – hanv tujea samkar ubo assa

I am standing in front of you

Savli – Shadow – Inga bori savli assa, dekhunn mathcho ubo rautham

Here is a good shadow place, so I will just stand  for a while

Sunnim – Dogs – Him sunnim sarkim bhunktat, tenkam matchem pois kor

These dogs are barking too much, just drive them away

Subez – Extra/More – Hem nustem sarkem subez dista, hench ami geuea

The fish looks more in quantity, lets buy it

Sopon – Dream – Aiz rathi maka ek sopon podlem, au sarko bielom

Today night I had a dream, I got scared really

Sokallim – Morning – Aiz sokallim maka dista amguer soiro eta kai mhunn

Today morning I feel some relative might visit us


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