Learn Konkani – Goan Konkani | Spoken Goan Konkani Language 2021 – Lesson No. 14 – Alphabet ‘N’



How To Learn Good Communication Skills In Konkani? Effective Way To Learn Konkani – Alphabet Wise


I want to Learn Konkani – Goan Konkani this is what I hear from many tourists visiting the beautiful man-made heaven the Eden Garden called Goa.


Konkani language is simple an Indo-Aryan language spoken primarily along the Konkan coast.

This part provides the basic Konkani words used in everyday conversations starting with the alphabet ‘N’



Nad —– Crook, cheat, swindler

Nadop —– Lose honor

Nach —– Dance

Nachoita —– Making someone dance

Nachnaka —– Don’t dance

Nag —– Cobra

Nagoi —– Cheat, swindle

Nagoita —– Cheating, swindler

Nagdo —– Naked, nude, undressed (Male)

Nagdem —– Naked, nude, undressed (Female)

Naka —– Don’t want

Nak —– Nose


One Phrase With Alphabet ‘N’

Mojem nak chodd dukhta – My nose is paining too much


Nakacher —– On the nose

Nam —– No

Nakut —– Nail (Singular)

Nakutam —– Nails (Plural)

Nakantlean —– Through the nose

Nasto —– Breakfast

Natak —– Drama, play

Natkulem —– Short play

Nat/Nati —– Grand-daughter

Naturam —– Young grandchildren

Natal/Natalam —– Christmas

Narangem —– Orange

Naramgim —– Oranges

Nav —– Name

Navam —– Names

Nautam —– Taking shower, taking a bath


Konkani Is A Dialect of Marathi So Learning Konkani For A Maharashtrian Will Not Be Difficult



One Phrase With Alphabet ‘N’

Aiz au navpak vossonk chintalom – I was planning to go for a bath


Nau —– Take shower, take a bath

Naxt —– Destroy

Nenaar —– Ignorant, Innocence                               

Nento —– Young child (Male)

Nentem —– Young child (Female)

Ness —– Dress

Nespachem —– Dressing

Niz —– True, real

Nizacho —– True, real


Learn Konkani – Goan Konkani – Let’s Communicate In Konkani


One Phrase With Alphabet ‘N’      

Au tuzo niz mog kortam – I love you truly


Niro —– Fresh Cashew juice

Nivdun —– Elected

Nivol —– Clean

Nivolsann —– Cleanliness

Nustem —– Fish

Nustekaram —– Fisherfolks

Nustekar —– Fishermen

Nustekarn —– Fisherwomen

Noll —– Tap

Nollantlean —– Through the tap

Nolle —– Roof tiles

Nokre —– Flirtatious

Noketr —– Star

Noketram —– Stars

Nomoskar —– Salutation

Novem —– New

Novean —- Newly

Nouro —– Groom

Noure —– Grooms

Noxib —– Luck


One Phrase With Alphabet ‘N’

Munsheak borem noxib assonk zai – Men should have good luck


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